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An image of barrier matting that is fitted flush with the flooring.

The Importance of Barrier Matting

Barrier matting is used by a wide variety of businesses and in the latest blog post by Relay Floor Systems, we discuss the importance of barrier matting and the benefits it could have for your premises.

The type of matting used on a premises can seem like such a simple decision that it can be easily overlooked. However, with many variations and technical details, the flooring used can significantly contribute to the safety and cleanliness of the environment.


Barrier matting can notably help to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. With a durable surface, the mat works to remove dirt, debris and moisture from the bottom of shoes, decreasing the likelihood of these elements transferring to the interior flooring. Recessed matwells are fitted flush with the existing floor and greatly reduce the possibility of trips and falls, whilst retaining a stylish finish to the entrance areas of buildings. Primary barrier mats can be manufactured to shapes and sizes to complement a wide range of floor plans.

Increased Cleanliness

With around 80% of dirt being brought into a premises on the bottoms of shoes, it is suggested that with just 16 feet of matting at the entrance, 75% of dirt and moisture could be retained with the use of barrier matting. Consequently, the addition of barrier matting could significantly help to reduce interior maintenance and keep the space looking a lot cleaner.

Floor Protection

When installed properly, the right flooring can provide a great first impression, but it can also be costly. The use of barrier matting can provide extra protection to the flooring used in a space, and also go some way in furthering its lifespan by capturing dirt and debris before it lands on the floor.

Here at Relay Floor Systems, we have been providing a wide variety of flooring products, including barrier matting for many years. Whether you require new flooring across your entire commercial or industrial premises, or for one large area, we welcome you to contact us. Please call our dedicated team on 01543 258889. Alternatively, head over to our online contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.