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An image of interlocking floor tiles, installed by Relay Floor Systems Ltd.

The Advantages of Interlocking Floor Tiles

R-Tile PVC interlocking floor tiles are used across a variety of industrial and commercial environments, including warehouses that receive a high amount of traffic from people and machines. Interlocking floor tiles have many advantages and in today’s post, Relay Floor Systems Ltd discusses some of these in more detail, providing you with more information about […]

An image of a industrial warehouse with hard-wearing flooring.

The Importance of Quality Industrial Flooring

The floor of your warehouse is a hub of activity and where poignant parts of your business are run from. Your warehouse is also where you’re likely to keep valuable equipment and the environment in which your employees interact with various pieces of machinery. Consequently, the industrial flooring in your warehouse must be kept in […]

An image of ESD Flooring supplied and installed by Relay Floor Systems Ltd.

ESD Floor Tiles and Their Qualities

ESD flooring has a variety of uses and in the latest blog post from Relay Floor Systems, we discuss the importance of ESD flooring for many working environments. ESD flooring may be used in both commercial and industrial environments, where components, equipment or individuals need to be protected from electrostatic damage. If installed and maintained […]

An image of a "Caution" sign.

Floor Safety Signs: Paint vs Graphics

Health and safety signs are paramount for relaying vital safety information to your workforce and customers. Below, Relay Floor Systems discusses how the traditional paint signs stack up against the more modern method of employing floor safety graphics to keep those that use your premises safe. Visibility The primary reason for investing in floor safety […]

An image of barrier matting that is fitted flush with the flooring.

The Importance of Barrier Matting

Barrier matting is used by a wide variety of businesses and in the latest blog post by Relay Floor Systems, we discuss the importance of barrier matting and the benefits it could have for your premises. The type of matting used on a premises can seem like such a simple decision that it can be […]

An image of an industrial space that requires floor safety graphics.

The Importance of Floor Safety Graphics

Floor safety graphics are a popular form of modern-day signage across industrial premises, staff areas and in outdoor spaces. As the name suggests, health and safety graphics are there to help keep individuals safe, as well as provide useful information. In the latest blog post from Relay Floor Systems, we discuss the importance of floor […]

An image of an anti fatigue mat from Relay Floor Systems

The Health Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

It is a well-known fact that a happy and motivated workforce is less likely to take time off work and more likely to remain productive throughout the day. In the first blog post by Relay Floor Systems, we discuss the health benefits of introducing anti-fatigue mats to your workplace, and the small things staff members […]