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An image of a "Caution" sign.

Floor Safety Signs: Paint vs Graphics

Health and safety signs are paramount for relaying vital safety information to your workforce and customers. Below, Relay Floor Systems discusses how the traditional paint signs stack up against the more modern method of employing floor safety graphics to keep those that use your premises safe.


The primary reason for investing in floor safety signs is to relay important information. However, how can these signs carry out their primary function if they are not noticed?

Paint used to be the only method of conveying safety information. But, its overuse often means it blends into the background. What’s more, as time passes, the paintwork will quite literally gradually begin fade and become more a part of the setting, than a vital sign that needs to be noticed.

Floor safety graphics do not suffer the same deterioration factors as paint and will continue to remain bold as time passes. What’s more, the graphics are not affected by floor washing, which can cause flaking paint to wear away at a quicker rate.


Can you really afford for your business to cease action because of the time it takes for your newly painted floor safety signs to dry? Of course, you may have this work carried out at a time when fewer people are on the premises, but that requires more planning and scheduling. Furthermore, many specialists advise a wait of 24 hours before the area can receive light traffic, 72 for heavy foot traffic and a week until the space can handle any machine with tyres.

On the other hand, floor safety graphics can receive standard traffic straight after they have put been in place. Additionally, they can be removed when desired, unlike paint which will need to be scraped off if no longer required.


Floor safety graphics are durable enough to withstand heavy forklift traffic and pallet drags. Paint can begin to fade and discolour as soon as heavy objects are moved across it or something spills and stains the area.

Alongside durability, the longevity of floor safety graphics makes them a popular choice for businesses in various industries.

At Relay Floor Systems, we can provide long-lasting floor graphics that carry a 2-year guarantee. If you would like more information on our wide range of flooring services, we welcome you to contact us. Please call our dedicated team on 01543 258889. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch shortly.